NASCARE Appearance Protection

Paint Protector guards against oxidation, ultraviolet rays, and airborne fallout. Fabric Protector guards against permanent stain damage. Leather/Vinyl Protector guards against fading by ultraviolet rays.

For many years Nationwide Automotive Services has been serving customers like you through automobile dealers throughout the nation. We put you first with systems that protect your vehicle and enhance its value. Warrantied protection – and we stand behind it! Most manufacturer’s limited warranties cover defects in material and workmanship. But, there are environmental conditions that are beyond the manufacturer’s control including the potential damage caused by acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and ocean spray… plus potential interior damage caused by stains and the sun’s U.V. rays. NASCARE Appearance Protection is backed by a peace-of-mind warranty. NASCARE keeps your vehicle protected on the highway and in your driveway.

Exterior and Interior Protection


A professionally applied system maintains your vehicle’s “showroom new” paint finish.


Keeping your interior fresh, vibrant and rich looking is challenging considering the rough and rugged use your vehicle gets day in and day out. Nationwide Automotive Services offers that protection.

Protect Your Investment & Increase Resale Value

Environmental Paint Protection

NASCARE Appearance Protection system protects your vehicle against acid rain, inclement weather elements, tree sap and bird droppings. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that paint may be damaged by some form of environmental fallout, i.e. acid rain, etc. Protect now. Keep that beautiful showroom shine and you’ll enjoy added value at trade-in-time.

Fabric Protection

Fabric requires care and protection especially when it’s under constant use day in and day out. Nationwide Automotive Services protects against most food and beverage stains, i.e. soda, coffee, mustard, ketchup, french fries!

Leather and Vinyl

Leather and vinyl left unprotected can be damaged by harmful U.V. rays from the sun. Nationwide Automotive Services knows protection means added value for your vehicle.

Two Vehicles. Same Make. Same Model.

One worth more… Why?

There’s a big difference between a vehicle that’s clean (just washed) and a “clean vehicle” (one that has been protected inside and out). A “clean vehicle” has greater value at trade in time. A showroom-worthy paint finish is important to a vehicle’s trade in value!


Not all benefits available in all states. Please see contract for specific terms & conditions.